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Fearless Lifetime WarrantyUpdated 5 months ago

Fearless Lifetime Warranty

We pride ourselves on making products that last and understand that you have come to Sherpani as a conscious consumer looking for more. Our warranty policy is written with utmost respect to you and is based on a simple principle: if your Sherpani bag malfunctions or breaks, we will make it right.

All Sherpani products come with our Fearless Lifetime Warranty. "Lifetime" refers to the lifetime of the product in question, not the purchaser's lifetime. A product's lifetime is determined by how long a product can reasonably expect to hold up, as well as how long the product is manufactured by Sherpani.

How it Works

  1. Email [email protected] to file a warranty claim. Please include two images in your email: an image of the product in its entirety and an image of the broken/defective area of the product.
  2. Allow two business days for a response.
  3. Our warranty team will work with you to make things right!
  • In most cases, you will receive a virtual gift card to for the amount required to replace the product in question.
  • If your product has been updated to a new version, the virtual gift card will reflect the amount needed to purchase the updated version of the product.
  • If your product has been discontinued, you will receive a virtual gift card to for the amount of the original sale.
  • In cases where a singular piece of your bag has malfunctioned (e.g. a detachable strap), we may attempt to replace the singular piece. As an eco-conscious business, we believe in exercising low-waste solutions whenever possible.
  • Proof of purchase may be required to file a warranty claim.

What is Covered

  • Any manufacturing error, such as a strap that was attached in the wrong place.
  • Breakage that occurred when the product was being used as intended and without excessive force.
  • If you did not purchase your product directly through Sherpani but through one of our authorized retailers (e.g. Scheels, Cabelas), it is still covered by our warranty. However, we will need to know which retailer and confirm they are an authorized retailer of Sherpani.

What is Not

  • Sherpani cannot warranty products that were purchased second-hand through a social marketplace website (e.g. eBay, Poshmark).
  • While we are happy to back our products and correct manufacturing errors or breaks, our warranty does not cover everyday wear and tear. "Wear and tear" refers to damage inflicted on the product through forces that have nothing to do with the manufacturer (e.g. your dog chewed on your backpack). It is reasonably expected that products wear down over time and with usage. That said, we want to help your bag last as long as possible! Read our guide on the proper cleaning and care of Sherpani products.
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